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2016 in Stats

2016 was a huge year for DigiQuatics. Aquatics supervisors, pool managers, and lifeguards all over the country used DigiQuatics to simplify their lives. We have collected some stats around time and paper saved for 2016, check them out:

Organization Stats

  • 24 new organizations signed on with DigiQuatics
  • 1,265 aquatics professions brought onto the DigiQuatics platform
  • DigiQuatics is being used by organizations across 15 states
  • We now have organizations in the following market segments: Swim clubs, universities, pool service / management, park districts and municipalities

Time and Paper Savings Stats

  • 17,013 estimated hours saved by leveraging mobile technology and software
  • 54,676 estimated sheets of paper saved by going "green" / "digital"

App Usage Stats

  • 112,178 shifts scheduled
  • 7,907 sub requests or "shift trades"
  • 3,570 time off requests submitted
  • 37,579 availabilities entered
  • 18,856 employee time clock records
  • 799 certifications tracked
  • 19,174 chemical records or "pool logs" completed
  • 3,541 checklists completed
  • 772 maintenance requests
  • 710 private lessons
  • 2,888 shift reports
  • 506 slide inspections

Web Stats

  • 786,505 page views
  • 4:47 average time per visit or "session"
  • 25 blog posts

We can't wait to make 2017 an even bigger success and continue to build and ship quality modules and features that help your organization!

And above all, thank YOU! We appreciate all the feedback from the aquatics community that makes this all possible. You have given us an amazing opportunity to create something valuable and give us a purpose. If you don't already, subscribe to the blog below and follow us on social media to continue to learn about what we are up to!

Looking forward to a great 2017!
Michael & Josh

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