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7 Easy Steps to Migrate from WhenToWork to DigiQuatics

If you would like our team to migrate your employee data over to DigiQuatics just email us at team@digiquatics.com. Typically we can import your data within 24 hours. We also will work around your WhenToWork contract and offer a discount if you’re mid-contract.


Migrating online scheduling tools can be a daunting task, which is why we put together this “How-To” guide so you can painlessly move your staff scheduling to DigiQuatics and hit the ground running. We will go through the necessary steps to export your employee contact information from WhenToWork and import them into DigiQuatics. Next you will set up positions and hourly rates for your aquatics staff and we will send everyone welcome emails and onboarding instructions to your staff via DigiQuatics.

Step 1: Login to your WhenToWork Account

Once you are logged into your account, hover over the “Employees” tab on the top navigation bar to activate the drop down menu and click on the “Employees List - Add/Edit/Delete” menu item to navigate to the Employees page.

Step 2: Export Menu

On the Employees page a “sub” menu bar will be directly above your employees list. Click the “Export” tab / button on the top right section of the menu bar to activate the export options pop-up menu. Next check the fields for export. If you don’t use any of the fields simply uncheck them. The only fields required to import your employees into DigiQuatics are First Name, Last Name, Phone, Email, and Location (Which you can set up on the DigiQuatics Excel import template).

Step 3: Open the Downloaded CSV File in Microsoft Excel

Once downloaded open up the “EXPORT.CSV” file from your downloads (or desktop) folder on your computer with Microsoft Excel or an equivalent office suite.

Step 4: Download the DigiQuatics Employee Import Template

Download the template or login to your DigiQuatics account and click here to navigate to the Add Multiple Employees Page. The download link for the template will be at the top of the page. Open the downloaded template. You should now have both the WhenToWork and DigiQuatics spreadsheets open.

Step 5: Copy The WhenToWork Spreadsheet Data into the DigiQuatics Excel Template

Next migrate the following columns from the WhenToWork exported file into the DigiQuatics Add Multiple Employes Template file.

Column Name Reference Table *See Special Instructions Below

Special Instructions

Part of the onboarding process for DigiQuatics involves receiving both a “Welcome Email” and a “Welcome Text” message. In order to ensure streamlined mobile communications between DigiQuatics, supervisors and employees it preferable to use a mobile or cell phone number as an employee's primary contact method. When migrating from WhenToWork to DigiQuatics you will want to swap the employees “Cell” field with their “Phone” field if it is different.

Also, it is important to note if an employee has a “Phone”, “Phone 2”, and “Cell” that are all unique you will want to add their number in “Cell” after the swap into the notes field.

Step 6: Fill Out Additional Information in The Digiquatics Template

There is additional valuable information you can store for each employee in DigiQuatics. One of the big advantage to DigiQuatics is custom tailored for aquatics employees. The table below describes the additional columns you can input employee information into before importing. You can also attach files and certifications to employees in DigiQuatics in app. All of these fields are OPTIONAL.

Step 7: Prepare to Import Into DigiQuatics

Once all the information is completed, save and close the spreadsheet. Once you are logged in to DigiQuatics, click here to navigate to the “Add Multiple Employees” page. Go ahead and use the file upload box to select the completed DigiQuatics Template you’ve been working on and upload it into the form. Finally, click the “ADD MULTIPLE EMPLOYEES” button to start the import in the background.

All of your employees should now be getting “Welcome” email and text messages. Once they login they will verify their information and watch a short onboarding “How-To” video for DigiQuatics. Now your employees can update their own information so you don’t have to!

If there are any issues with the imported employees, you will receive an email explaining what errors need to be corrected. NOTE: If you get the following error “This employee has a DigiQuatics Account at another Organization under this email” please contact us for assistance or use a different email address for the employee.

The End

That’s it! We truly hope you love using DigiQuatics so you and your aquatics staff become more successful and organized than ever before. Our mission at DigiQuatics is to improve risk management, save you valuable hours, and eliminate unnecessary paperwork. Enjoy DigiQuatics with your aquatics staff and remember, “Manage Pools, Not Paper!”

If you have any questions please comment below or feel free to send us an email at team@digiquatics.com.

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