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A Comparison of WhenToWork and DigiQuatics

WhenToWork is one of the most popular tools for online staff scheduling in the parks and recreation industry, including aquatics. It can work very well for smaller single facility operations and sometimes small to medium size operations with several facilities. WhenToWork has been around since the year 2000. When it comes to multiple facilities and complex parks, recreation, and aquatics operations WhenToWork can have some limitations. Below we have prepared a comparison of WhenToWork and DigiQuatics. For those of you that don’t know, DigiQuatics provides aquatics departments with a variety of online tools ranging from staff scheduling to chemical record logging, custom facility checklists, reporting, and other risk management solutions.



Designed to work across multiple industries, ranging from Subway restaurants, to dental offices, to parks and recreation (including aquatics).


Designed to work specifically for aquatics operations to solve a variety of challenges facing swimming pool operations. Several of the modules can also be used on a parks and recreation level as well, such as certification expiration tracking and staff scheduling. These modules for any size organization can be segmented out by department and / or facility while providing a high level supervisory access for the entire organization.



Staff scheduling, employee management, and messaging (text and email). Note: There is limited text messaging options via WhenToWork. Employees must specify a phone carrier in order to routinely receive text messages. A missing or incorrect phone carrier will result in undelivered messages.


Staff scheduling, sub requests (shift trades), employee management, messaging, time clock, chemical record logs, custom checklists, shift reports (Including incident / accident reports), patron usage tracking, maintenance tracking, slide inspection logs, private lessons, and employee certification tracking with alerts.

The messaging module in DigiQuatics can be used to message groups of positions such as “Private Lesson Instructors” as well as employees on a per location basis. There is no need to specify phone carriers in DigiQuatics as text messages are sent directly to employee mobile phone numbers.



Email Only.


Email, phone, text, live chat with in-app chat tool (Intercom), and on-site onboarding for enterprise or Colorado-based organizations.

Feature Development / Updates


Not listed online.


Every feature in DigiQuatics is designed and created around customer feedback. An average of 2-3 software updates are published live on a weekly basis with zero interruptions or downtime.

Coming Soon


Staff scheduling features only. No product roadmap or list of upcoming features online.


Incident reporting, custom forms, group lessons management, preventative maintenance tracking, in-service tracking, chemical Usage / inventory tracking, chemical dosage recommendations.

2017 Product Roadmap



Paperless scheduling, web and mobile apps.


Paperless scheduling plus modules and features above to further centralize and streamline managing an aquatics facility. DigiQuatics simplifies record-keeping for improved risk management. Digital chemical logs make health department inspections easy and accurate. DigiQuatics is also designed to work great with large operations with multiple positions per employee across multiple facilities.

Estimated Savings

Assuming an operation with 35 employees.


500 sheets and 100 hours annually with scheduling, employee management, messaging.


5,000+ sheets and 400 hours annually with scheduling, employee management, messaging, time clock, chemical record logs, custom checklists, shift reports (Including incident / accident reports), patron usage tracking, maintenance tracking, slide inspection logs, private lessons and employee certification tracking with alerts.

Case Study

User Interface and Design



The goal with DigiQuatics is to strive toward a modern, simple, intuitive design.


With DigiQuatics, you only pay for what you use. The pricing is perfectly flexible for seasonal operations and fluctuations in staff. Below we have included a cost comparison, assuming an operation with 35 employees.


The monthly cost for 35 employees would be $49 per month with access to staff scheduling, employee management, and messaging.


DigiQuatics offers a “Lite” plan that includes staff scheduling, employee management, and messaging, the same features as WhenToWork. This plan is $1 per active employee per month, a 30% savings per employee per month when compared to WhenToWork.

The cost for DigiQuatics "Pro" plan* is $3 per active employee per month. For a staff of 35 employees, this comes to $105 per month for access to all of the modules and unlimited text messaging.

Module-for-module the DigiQuatics "Pro" plan is a savings of 50% per module when compared to WhenToWork.

For commercial pool management and service companies, DigiQuatics offers customized "Enterprise" pricing to meet your organization's exact needs.

*Pro Plan Includes: Staff scheduling, employee management, messaging, time clock, chemical record logs, custom checklists, shift reports (Including a section for incident / accident reports), patron usage tracking, maintenance tracking, slide inspection logs, private lessons and certification tracking.



website: WhenToWork


website: DigiQuatics

Using other DigiQuatics Features in Parks and Recreation

DigiQuatics isn’t just limited to helping aquatics! The entire software platform can be used department-wide in parks and recreation. For example, the employee certifications tracking, staff scheduling, and time clock can be used department-wide. In addition, custom checklists, maintenance tracking and incident / accident reporting are some of the modules that are scalable to work anywhere in your organization.

Considering making a switch?

To see for yourself how DigiQuatics can help automate and streamline managing your operation, start a 30-Day Free Trial and set up your account in less than 5 minutes.

We offer a full concierge migration service. From exporting your data to importing into DigiQuatics and configuring and onboarding your organization and employees, we do it for you! Just send us an email at team@digiquatics.com with subject of WhenToWork and we will schedule a time to personally help you migrate your account.

Still on the fence?

We offer a WhenToWork to DigiQuatics incentive program to help with the costs of switching under a current WhenToWork contract. Please contact us at team@digiquatics.com for more information.

Our goal

Our goal at DigiQuatics is to build the best product for aquatics professionals, save valuable time and reduce paper waste. We strive to use business to inspire change in the aquatics industry to ultimately provide a better patron experience. We hope to eliminate all paperwork around aquatics, save endless hours of valuable time, improve risk management, and leverage data to make informed and smart decisions around programing and management of your aquatics facility.

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