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DigiQuatics Update: March 2017 Edition


Well, March is over and we are less than 3 months away from summer 2017! We are working hard at DigiQuatics to provide you with the maximum number of new updates and features for summer.

We will address the following in our update post below:

  • Modules, Features, and UI/UX updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • General Announcements / Information
  • Closing Thoughts

1) Modules, Features & UI/UX


  • Super admins can now delete staff certifications from the account settings page.

Chemical Records

  • Added two more custom fields; there is now a maximum of five fields you can customize for chemical record logs.
  • Added a better way to manage and see all the custom chemical record fields in the account settings page, under the chemicals tab.


  • DigiStorage is an online file system for your organization within DigiQuatics! You can now upload images, documents, PDFs, and more, to an account shared interface for staff and supervisors to access. Files can be deleted, downloaded, and viewed from the DigiStorage management page. Some common use cases for DigiStorage include Emergency Action Plans (EAPs), swimming lesson "lesson" plans, and common staff forms.

Patron Counts

  • Added the ability to set "days" you want patron count zones to show up. For example, you might have a "Aqua Fitness" class that only is on Mondays and Wednesdays, so now it can be set to only be visible on those days that staff is taking patron counts.
  • Added the ability to export patron count records to Excel.

Staff Scheduling

  • We just launched the Shift Templates feature! Shift templates allow you to save common shifts by location, position, and time, and also include shift notes! Now you can quickly schedule a "common" shift using the shift template to save time! Shift templates can be set up in the account settings page under the "Scheduling and Availabilities" tab.
  • An Improved interface for the shift assigner pop-up; the time selectors now take up less room. This was a much needed change in working toward full flexibility (in the future) via mobile.
  • Added a link to the employee profile on the assign shift pop-up on "employee based" mode.
  • Shift Reporting is another new feature, you can now see estimated labor costs based on how many hours each employee is working on a per user and position basis. The shift reporting feature is accessible via the scheduling navigation item.
  • Added shift conflict checking and corresponding messages to the shift assigner pop-up to prevent double scheduling of staff. (Even for repeating / recurring employee shifts).
  • Added "shift" times to the shift assigner pop-up in "shift build" mode.
  • Font colors are now dependent on the color of the shift on the schedule. This will allow for maximum readability.
  • Open Shifts is another new feature; you can now mark existing employee shifts as "open" and un-assign the employee, or create an open shift on the staff schedule in "employee based" mode. Once a shift is marked as open, employees can "sign up" for it. We have set up open shifts in a way that allows for any number of employees to "sign up", but supervisors have the ability to pick which employee they will assign to the open shift. Once the open shift is assigned to an employee, it will appear on their schedule. We are working on releasing open shifts for "shift mode" soon, as well as text and email notifications.
  • You can now "un-publish" shifts from the schedule on a per shift basis.

Time Clock

  • Added a link to a help article about common issues, and a how-to, about location services on Android and iOS to help staff having issues with clocking in or out.
  • Added the Time Clock PortalThe time clock portal allows staff to quickly clock in and out without needing to login to DigiQuatics. They simply use their employee ID. To learn more about the time clock portal, open the "Time Clock" tab in the account settings page.

Time Off Requests

  • There is a new user interface design on the time off request pages. It is now easier to approve and deny pending time off requests.

2) Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allows some texts to be sent to inactive employees.
  • Fixed bugs on the employee import feature which caused strange formatting of phone numbers.
  • Fixed bug in the shift report email which had a broken link to the shift report.
  • Fixed bug that caused the schedule to be published at all locations instead of the location you are currently viewing.
  • Fixed bug around submitting time off requests on behalf of your employees, with the correct employee being assigned.
  • Fixed bug with position selector and PDF printing on the schedule.
  • Fixed bug on web view of the "day" view on both employee and shift mode on the schedule that allowed employees to see "un-published" shifts.

3) General Announcements / Information

We are excited to announce we released a saturation index calculator app to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store! Please download it and let us know what you think, any feedback you have, or recommendations for improvements. This is part of an ongoing agenda to provide free tools to the industry.

Download the saturation index calculator app here:

4) Closing Thoughts

It has been an exciting month for us here at DigiQuatics! We have signed on several new customers this month and are gaining momentum for summer! We can't wait to continue to roll out updates and make summer 2017 the best summer ever with DigiQuatics.


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