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Update and Product Roadmap

It’s been a great year for us, and it’s time for a brief update on where we are and where we’re heading.


DigiQuatic's growth has continued to increase. We have more than tripled our user base this year. Next summer we could hit 6,000 active users, doubling our current user base! We wanted to take this as an opportunity to say thank you for all your support and feedback up to this point. As you could imagine, as we continue to grow we will need to put in additional work and time to make sure the app is running smoothly with fast loading times. This is one of our top priorities moving forward.

DigiQuatics Organization Map as of November 2016

Primarily we have been working with municipalities and are looking forward to moving into the pool management and YMCA spaces more aggressively next year.

Product Roadmap

Where is the DigiQuatics platform going next? Based on the feedback you give us and continue to provide us with, we have been working hard to refine the "vision" for DigiQuatics. This had led us to develop a "Customer Driven" philosophy around each and every aspect of the product. Our goal is to partner with you to continue working on designing the best product for the aquatics industry we possibly can. With that being said, we wanted to share our product roadmap with you so you can see the direction we are moving toward in 2017.

Please reach out and let us know what you think at michael@digiquatics.com or create an account on Trello to comment and "vote" for what matters the most to your organization.

What’s Next?

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, we will release new features and modules that continue to expand the number of use cases supported by DigiQuatics, whether for small seasonal operations, to multi-state pool management companies.

You can be sure that each time we build features and modules we will be maniacally focused on simplicity and finding ways to improve the productivity for your aquatics department. We will always try to maintain the cohesiveness and quality of DigiQuatics as we build and mature the product.

Our Vision for 2017

In the past years much of our goal with DigiQuatics has been to eliminate paperwork at aquatics facilities, save you valuable time, and streamline your aquatics operation. In 2017 we would like to get more heavily involved on improving risk management at your facilities as well. You can see many of these initiatives and incremental changes outlined in the product roadmap. But to dive into a couple here:

  • Dedicated Accident / Incident Reporting Module
  • Email alerts for Certification Expirations
  • Finding estimated number of lifeguards needed based on predicted patron usage (Leveraging the Attendance Records Module)
  • Preventative Maintenance Module

We would also like to greatly improve the user interface and mobile design of DigiQuatics so we can more easily than ever bring on your new employees' with ease.

How can I play my part?

We always look for "star" customers to partner with on a regular basis to work closely on developing new features and modules from the idea stage, looking through the design "mock-ups" and sketches, to beta testing the features first. If that sounds like something you would like to work alongside with us on in 2017, please email me at michael@digiquatics.com.

Mockup of Time Off Request Pop-Up

2017 will be an epic year for DigiQuatics! We can't wait to provide you with more value than ever and change the aquatics industry forever.

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