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3 Big Reasons Local Pools, Aquatic Centers, and Pool Management Companies Choose Us

I remember working at pools that did things the old-fashioned way…

In my experience, aquatic centers that rely on paperwork aren't the most organized.

The constant flow of patrons and employees throughout the day can make pools hectic.

Between lifeguards forgetting to check the paper schedule in the office, never being able to find certification forms when I needed them, noticing a general lack of communication among the staff, and actually maintaining the pool…Well, you get the idea.

I have come to realize that there is a better way.

In the 21st century, almost everyone has a smartphone--and they check them constantly.

What better way to keep my staff on the same page than to utilize a smartphone to keep everything in one place?

DigiQuatics manages everything from scheduling to notifications.

In fact, we practically manage your pool for you.

Here are 3 big reasons why local pools, aquatic centers, and pool management companies choose us as their preferred method of staying organized.

1. Convenient for Everyone

It’s 2019 and everyone has access to a smartphone, making mobile technology a viable option for keeping everyone in the loop.

DigiQuatics allows employees to check their schedules wherever and whenever they want, which leads to fewer missed shifts.

We also make it easy for pool supervisors to send announcements and other notes to their entire staff.

2. Constant Access to Important Documents

Aquatic center offices can resemble black holes when you're looking for a specific document.

When I used paper documents, I spent more time searching for lesson schedules, certifications, and information about pool chemistry and maintenance needs than I did answering questions about them.

With DigiQuatics, all the important information I need is in one place.

I can access is on-demand from any location.

As an added bonus, I no longer have to deal with the soggy papers that come with the territory of working at a pool.

3. Keep Track of Pool Chemistry and Maintenance Needs

Because chemical levels fluctuate throughout the day, it is important to keep track of the pH and other chemical levels regularly.

DigiQuatics makes it easy for anyone to quickly test the water and record data in a secure place.

Tracking other maintenance needs is also simplified.

Before I started using DigiQuatics, most maintenance requests were written on Post-its that were scattered around the office, and it took much longer for anyone to notice and get around to taking care of them.

DigiQuatics includes a section for submitting maintenance needs that are seen quickly and never lost.

If never losing another important paper or having better communication with your staff sounds like something that can improve your facility, visit our website to learn more about how DigiQuatics can help you manage your pool more effectively.

Our current customers have nothing but good things to say about the improvements they have seen in their pools since they started using DigiQuatics.

The app's simplicity and its ability to keep pools organized have been commended by pool managers from around the country.

Contact DigiQuatics today to learn more about our app or to start your free trial!

Having an organized workplace is one of the most important aspects of running a successful pool.

I, like many other pool managers, have had the stressful experience of dealing with more papers than actual pool issues, and I can't wait to introduce you to the efficiency of DigiQuatics!

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