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4 Ways to Make Scheduling Your Pool Staff Easy

One of the most difficult aspects of managing an aquatic center, particularly with seasonal staff, is to schedule your lifeguards, office personnel, and other employees. With all of the time off each individual desires, unusual hours, special events, etc., it can become a headache and time-consuming task to create a schedule. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process. Here are four ways to make scheduling your staff easy.

1. Require Advanced Notice

It is important that you establish your expectations early. In regards to your schedule, this means that staff should not be asking for time off several hours in advance. Rather, they must make their requests several days ahead of time. This will not only give you time to ensure that all shifts are appropriately filled but it allows you to get the schedule early. Using applications such as DigiQuatics, staff can also send digital time off requests helping you stay organized and have all requests in sight when creating your schedule.

2. Go Digital

Put away the paper and pencils and start using appropriate software, such as DigiQuatics. This allows you to create a visible schedule and make changes with ease. You are also able to quickly add up how many hours each employee will be working and it helps prevent scheduling overtime or double shifts. Plus, if you have any open shifts, DigiQuatics will fill in the empty spaces for you. It will search for employees who have the hours and are eligible to take shifts and automatically put them in the needed shifts.

3. Try to Maintain Consistency

Many employees do best if they have a similar work schedule from week to week. This helps them schedule their lives outside of work, particularly if they have other needs such as finding daycare, transportation, etc. Talk to each of your employees about when they would prefer to work and what shifts they can consistently take. By establishing a similar schedule week after week, this will help you create the schedule at a much faster rate.

4. Notify Employees of a New Schedule

Each time a new schedule is created, you want your employees to know as soon as possible. This will give them ample time to make changes early in the process and it prevents unwanted scheduling conflicts. DigiQuatics allows all employees to view the schedule immediately and from any location. They have full access to the schedule on any mobile device. They are also automatically notified when a new schedule is published and if there are any special details regarding a shift — such as your staff will be hosting a large company party — they can view all specific details you may enter.

With an intuitive app such as DigiQuatics, scheduling your staff is no longer a task you will dread. This one application will complete the tasks you can find in 16 pool management programs. Visit our website to learn how to get set up today.

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