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"DigiJuice" Cocktail Recipe

The Story Behind DigiJuice

One winter day the DigiQuatics team has out having lunch after hours of long preparation for the upcoming Parks and Recreation Ontario (PRO) Conference. We were brainstorming about how to improve our app offerings in 2019 to become the go-to solution for aquatics software. We began to discuss conferences and how we can do something fun and cool that people would LOVE, of course, drinks would be fun but how do we "do it right" to make it feel like part of our brand?

We thought about our customers, people who work at or manage pools / pool staff, and chemical testing came to mind. We took that a step further and decided it would be awesome to create a drink that you drink in a test tube, so we got DigiQuatics test tubes manufactured with a lid you could push onto the top to seal it. Next, we wanted to do something interactive like a pool chemical titration test, so we went out and found bartenders that could help us craft a drink that could change colors, from blue to pink to be exact! Thus, "DigiJuice" was born! And guess what? It was a HUGE HIT.

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Ingredients In The DigiJuice Cocktail

Before you start, you need:

  • 1 cup citrus vodka (Absolut Citron is recommended or another citrus vodka)
  • 1 cup simple syrup (pre-made or make yourself with equal parts water and white granulated sugar mixed until dissolved)
  • 25 full droppers of B’lure Flower Extract (this handles the color change)
  • RealLemon 100% Lemon Juice

Getting started:

  • Combine ingredients into mixing container / bowl
  • Mix in Vodka, simple syrup, and B'lure Flower Extract
  • Stir until throughly combined
  • Get your "DigiQuatics Test Tubes" (see below) or shot glasses and fill up 75% of the way.

Making some reactions, let's drink this thing:

  • Take your test tube or shot glass, use "transfer pipets" or add in your lemon juice to fill the other 25% of your test tube / shot glass
  • Cap and invert test tube to mix and see color change (blue to purple / pink)!. If you're using the shot glass, stir and watch your drink change!


Cheers! We hope you love DigiJuice as much as we did. Catch us at the next AOAP conference if you want to try it for yourself or make some at home. 

Need some DigiQuatics Test Tubes? Just send us an email at team@digiquatics.com and we would love to send you some. Could you do one favor for us? Tag us on Instagram and add hashtag #digijuice #digiparty #digiquatics to your picture :)

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