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"Digi" Updates June 2018

Are you as relieved that you've gotten settled into Summer as much as we are? If your June was anything like ours, you just came up gasping for air (no pun intended) but we hope you aren't counting down the days until Summer's end quite yet!

Now's about the time of year when a lot of folks wonder how DigiQuatics could have saved them a bunch of time in June, and whether next year would be a good time to check it out. If you've got friends in your community drowning in paperwork right now, I encourage you to have them watch this 2 1/2 minute video that explains what DigiQuatics is all about!

The good news is that updates around DigiQuatics haven't slowed much, and we don't expect that they will either! If you've been following us on Facebook and Instagram, you've also seen some little promos about a few fun gems coming right around the corner!

Here's the latest:

  1. Bug Fix: Unpublished shifts month view showing for non-admins
  2. Member Management module now includes employee access toggle
  3. Scrolling header with forward and backward navigation on Employee Availabilities page
  4. Admin Notes on Time Clock records (hidden from non-admin employees)
  5. Checklists module employee now includes access toggle
  6. User Interface Fix: start and end times in time clock did not always set automatically when editing
  7. Location "groups" (now you can create groups / regions of locations; especially useful for larger organizations). This can be down under the locations tab in the settings page
  8. Bug Fix: Publish date range added one day at the end of the range (All schedule views)
  9. Manually add / edit hourly rate on Time Clock records
  10. Add hourly rate to shift when employee is assigned from Open Shift or Unassigned shift (from all views and places in the app)
  11. Certifications Export now handle via background job
  12. Chemical Records Export now exports with weather data (If you have weather analytics turned on in the settings page for the location you are exporting records at)
  13. Patron Counts Export now exports weather data (If you have weather analytics turned on in the settings page for the location you are exporting records at)
  14. User Interface Fix: Date format in exports are now consistent across all exports
  15. Order of shifts in shift mode is now chronological then alphabetical by last name
  16. Provider ID is now an option for entering certifications (for example, American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification ID number)
  17. DigiStorage module now includes employee access toggle
  18. User Interface Fix: Export time clock durations to two decimal places + misc export file formatting (bold headers, etc)
  19. Prevent rapidly clicking Clock In button multiple times (whether malicious or not)
  20. Select dropdown in Excel Employees import / export is now Y/N
  21. Fix overflow of employee name & text in shift assigner pop-up
  22. Members export is now handled via background job
  23. Messaging export is now handled via background job
  24. Shift Reports export is now handled via background job
  25. Availability Lock is on a per-user basis with bulk options for all at the selected location
  26. Processed Open Shifts are now ordered by most recent at the top to least recent
  27. Fixed Employee Import employee ID with leading zeros (for example, id: 0012860)
  28. Fixed archived member showing up on on edit Household page
  29. Added Location notes to various parts of the app. For example, you can add a lockbox code to your Location and then staff can view the notes when viewing their shifts on the My Schedule page or when clocking in for their shift via the My Time Clocks page

We just sent out a survey about the experience of all DigiQuatics users around email and text notifications. We really appreciate the feedback and we have a ton of actionable insight we can use to minimize the volume of notifications people get and better server only what is relevant to them. Stay tuned!!!

Josh @DigiQuatics 

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