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DigiQuatics Now Supports Multiple Positions per Employee


When DigiQuatics was initially designed, it was only designed to assign one primary position (or job title) to an employee for use on the staff schedule. For example, you could have Lifeguards, Instructors, Managers on Duty, etc. but you could only assign one default position to an employee while creating their weekly schedule and employee management purposes. In the online scheduler a manager could still assign a Lifeguard to an Instructor shift if you knew they were qualified to work such a shift, but nothing really prevented a Lifeguard from accepting a Manager on Duty Sub Request (or shift trade) shift for example. This is when the need for multi-positions (or multiple positions) was recognized and prioritized for development by the DigiQuatics team.

How To Configure Multiple Positions

First, you will want to confirm that all of the positions you need for your staff schedule are configured in your organization’s account settings. Visit the “Gear” icon and under the Positions tab, you can add more positions or edit existing positions. Remember, you can always add abbreviations and assign custom color codes to the positions to make your weekly staff schedule easy to read and identify which shifts are which.

To add multiple positions to an employee simply navigate to their employee profile. Once here you will want to click the “EDIT” button in the “Basic Information” section of their profile. This will redirect you to the edit employee form where you can go ahead and add as many positions to the employee as needed. You can also assign a hourly pay rate to each of your employee’s positions individually.

Where do we go from here?

Now that multiple positions can be used for staff scheduling, time clocks, messaging, and more we want to build more valuable features. With pay rates to each individual employee's assigned positions we can project labor cost estimates and help develop weekly staffing budgets.

Multiple positions will allow more restrictions in trading shifts through Sub Requests. For example, staff will only be able to trade shifts with positions that they are allowed to work i.e. Lifeguard only employees will only be able to pick up Lifeguard shifts.

As we continue to enhance the staff scheduling software in DigiQuatics, we hope to have an “Auto-Fill” button that will automatically assign employees to all of your open shifts. In preparation for that, multiple positions is laying the groundwork for the algorithm to determine which employees should be assigned to which shifts.

Messaging your employees will be more flexible to allow you to message any employee capable of working a Swim Lesson Instructor position independently from those who only work Lifeguard shifts.


Scheduling isn’t easy. So we hope that adding the ability to quickly assign multiple positions to employees will help this process become more smooth. Now that multiple positions has been released it is also used in the Employee Messaging Module for messaging “groups” of employees, as well as respected in the Time Clock Module. If you have any additional feedback, please comment below and we will respond as soon as we can. Happy scheduling!

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