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DigiQuatics Product Updates May 2018 Edition

As we mentioned in our last post (April Updates), the product development team at DigiQuatics has been CRAZY busy getting ready for summer. Busier than ever, in fact! The month we have been getting as much as we could in line for opening weekend (for most swimming pools anyway)! Here's what we've been up to:

  1. You can now adjust the "sensitivity" of the Time Clock GPS for each location. Choose between "low", "default", or "high" sensitivity based on the cellular signal in your area and how easy it might be for staff to clock in on-site.
  2. You can no longer remove your own admin / superadmin access via import. Several folks "lost" their own privileges on accident, so we made sure that won't happen again!
  3. Fixed Private Lessons link showing up when module was disabled.
  4. Added Open Shifts to Shift Mode Day View in Staff Scheduling.
  5. Creating a new location from the Staff Schedule page no longer requires refresh of page to select shifts / employees at that location.
  6. Cleaned up sub request tracking across multiple employees.
  7. Fixed Time Clock export failing if associated shift for time clock had since been deleted.
  8. Found fix employee import stripping leading zeros before numbers. For example, 00149 should be entered in Excel as '00149 to ensure it gets converted to text for DigiQuatics to import.
  9. Fixed Open Shifts Pending Approval number icon being incorrect. There was no issue here, just a user interface quirk.
  10. Super-admins can now disable the Time Off Requests module for the entire account. This will hide time off requested related links from all menus and the dashboard.
  11. Current hour highlights in pink text on the current day in Day View on Staff Schedule so you can see where you are at in the day easily.
  12. You can now add checklist descriptions / instructions to the top of your custom checklists!
  13. You must now type the word "DELETE" in order to delete all shifts in the current view.
  14. Now you can sign up for Open Shifts via the Staff Schedule page in non-admin view. Note: You can also sign up via the Open Shifts page or the My Schedule page as well.
  15. Shifts Reports can now have as many file uploads as you so desire! 1, 3, 5 or more file uploads / pictures to help explain what happened during your shift, or upload copies of documents for safe-keeping. We also improved the upload process so mobile and slow connection uploads will go more smoothly.
  16. Improvements to searching Messaging history by body, subject, recipient, etc.
  17. Fixed "publishing" of unassigned shifts on the user interface. Shifts must be assigned or marked as Open Shifts in order to be published.
  18. Employees can now enter availabilities for multiple days of the week at one time versus having to do each day individually. For example, they can enter availability for Monday, Wednesday, Friday all at once!
  19. Employees now have the option to disable Messages (text & email) from DigiQuatics. Note: You will see an alert on the sender view letting you know the employee won't receive that message.
  20. Fixed employee availabilities not showing up sometimes in the Month View schedule shift assigner pop-up.
  21. Staff can now "cancel" a sign up for an Open Shift if they can no longer work the shift they signed up for or made a mistake. Note: this feature contributed to #9 showing incorrect numbers due to cancellations.
  22. You can now opt-in to low and medium urgency Issue text & email notifications. Check out the My Notifications page to make sure you get those notifications if you want them!
  23. On each day of the Staff Schedule you can add one or multiple "notes" that staff can view about activities or information relevant to that day at work. Some examples might include: group rentals, private parties, day care, camps, etc.
  24. Multiple files can now be uploaded with Issues. We also improved the upload process for slower connections.
  25. Shift notes are now visible on Time Clock grouped & ungrouped export options for time clocks that are associated with a shift on the Staff Schedule when the employee clocked in.
  26. Employees can now request a sub via the Staff Schedule page. Before this update, staff could only request a sub from the My Schedule page. This should eliminate a lot of confusion for the first-timers!
  27. Pools Importer can be used to import pools in bulk for larger organizations.
  28. Locations Importer can now be used to import locations in bulk for larger organizations.
  29. Location Editor can be used to "mass" edit options for all of your locations at once.
  30. Export Processed Sub Requests is now handled via background job and emailed to you.
  31. Time Off Request pages Export are now handled via background job and emailed to you.
  32. Custom phone numbers can now be added to locations which can be viewed by employees when viewing their shift. For example, you can add a guard room phone number and front desk phone number for each location which staff can click on from the My Schedule if they are running late to work to let a colleague know about it.
  33. Default pay rates can now be set for Positions, yet you can customize these for each employee, this helps when creating employee information for the first time saving you the time entering in the same pay rate again and again.
  34. We now allow you Mark As Open Shift for Unassigned / Unpublished shifts from the Staff Schedule views.
  35. You now have the option to hide your email and / or phone number from other employees on the Contact List page. Simply edit your profile and check the boxes for "hide phone number" and "hide email address."
  36. Preventative fix to prevent issues when exporting time clocks and having two employees in DigiQuatics with the same name. Microsoft Excel does not allow two tabs with the same name, so each tab now as a unique "counter" number (1, 2, 3, ...) for each tab to prevent this problem.
  37. Fixed deleting files from DigiStorage.

On Deck for June 2018

  1. Add more detailed information for when Time Clocks were actually created and better audit trail tracking.
  2. Employee permissions toggle for Patron Counts.
  3. Approve or Deny Time Off Request directly from the Staff Schedule page.
  4. "Soft-delete" shifts in DigiQuatics to allow restoring when mistakes are made deleting shifts.
  5. Alerts for supervisors when staff forget to clock in.
  6. Availability lock on a per-employee basis (versus per-location basis). There will be options lock all / unlock all at X location to make this easy on the user interface.
  7. Refresh should not be required when adding Favorite Shifts from the Staff Schedule page.
  8. Google Cloud Optical Character Recognition (OCR) of attached reports for better indexing and searching of Shift Reports.
  9. Auto-Fill your Staff Schedule!
  10. Custom Forms :-)
  11. Automatic Combined Chlorine calculations based on which fields (i.e. Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine, and Total Chlorine) were filled out.
  12. Improved security around employee clock in and out actions.


Have an idea you'd like to see implemented in DigiQuatics sooner than later? Post in our Friends of DigiQuatics Facebook Group or drop a comment below!

We hope you are all off to great start in your summer season and we hope you can make it another safe, fun season with DigiQuatics!

~The DigiQuatics Team

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