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DigiQuatics Update: April 2017 Edition


Things are heating up (no pun intended) for summer 2017. Check out all of the updates and news for last month.

We will address the following in our update post below:

Modules, Features, and UI/UX updates
Bug Fixes
General Announcements / Information
Closing Thoughts

Modules, Features, and UI/UX updates

Chemical Records

  • Added two additional custom fields for each pool


  • Help Center link has been added to the dashboard
  • Quick link for scheduling has been added to the dashboard


  • Added a location selection option for file uploads

Staff Scheduling

  • You can now create "pre-set" shifts to save common shifts for scheduling purposes.
  • We added a dropdown menu next to “employee name” on "Employee" mode. This dropdown allows you to copy employee shifts from the previous timer period, publish / unpublish their shifts, delete all employee shifts for day or week view, and update general employee scheduling information
  • You can now set the starting day of the week for your schedule on the “schedule page” using the gear icon on the top right of the page
  • Adding locations, positions employees, and pre-set shifts can now be down via the "Create New" button on the schedule
  • The shift assigner pop-up now has much faster "type-ahead" start and end time selectors
  • An employee default position is now selected when scheduling shifts (Note: the highest priority position gets set)
  • Unpublish button has been added to the "publish" button / pop-up
  • Shifts reporting feature now tallies up total hours
  • Mass shift uploader (Excel) Note: This can be accessed in the scheduling tab of the account settings page
  • When you hover over a shift with notes (for 1 second) the notes will appear

Employee Management

  • Updated look for page that follows better interface / design practices. Note: More updates coming soon
  • Added XS-XXL sizes to various size selects on the employee profile edit page

Patron Counts

  • Removed the "Beta" label from the navigation bar and analytics page

Private Lessons

  • Added export option for private lesson pages
  • You can now import private lessons via our Excel template

Sub Requests

  • Excel export option added

Time Clock

  • Added employee hourly rate / total amount of hours / cost to index page
  • You can now export to Excel

Time Off Requests

  • Update the design and interface of the index page
  • Re-added the search field

Bug Fixes

  • Non-admins had access to employee drop down menu on scheduling
  • Hide export button for sub requests on mobile
  • Fixed bug sometimes causing sub request exports to fail
  • Fixed bug casing times from being imported incorrectly using the mass shift uploader
  • Fixed admin permissions for DigiStorage
  • Removed "deleted" positions from position select on pre-set shift creation page / pop-up
  • Fixed bug on the availabilities page PDF print option (causing 500 error)
  • Fixed bug that prevented clocked-in employees (with manually created shifts) on accounts with "required shift" turned on from being able to clock-out.
  • Fixed bug around manually created time off request from the time off request index page

General Announcements / Information

  • Added an EULA to DigiQuatics.com and a more formal Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Added an in-depth tour for brand new accounts
  • The multi-location feature is getting close to final release. We plan on releasing this update this month (May 2017)
  • Scheduling month view is near completion and will be released this month (May 2017)

Closing Thoughts

We are excited for summer 2017! If you have any last minute requests please email us or message us in the app. Looking forward to a great May full of updates.

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