DigiQuatics Update: May 2017 Edition


May was a great month for us. We rolled out two huge updates: 1) Month view for the schedule and 2) Multi-Location ability for employees. With these new features there have been a few hiccups but we are glad that DigiQuatics is on the path to becoming the best system for large, and small organizations. DigiQuatics has also grown by 1,000 users in the last 45 days! Now for the updates:

Modules, Features, and UI/UX updates
Bug Fixes
General Announcements / Information
Closing Thoughts

Modules, Features, and UI/UX updates


  • Non-admins now have "Edit Availability" and "New Time Off Request" buttons on their dashboard view


  • Added link to access Digi-Storage on mobile view for non-admins

Staff Scheduling

  • Month view is now live! You can view the schedule on a month to month basis

  • Employees can now be removed from the "schedule" view by adjusting which locations assigned to an employee are allowed to show up in the schedule builder

  • Replies to the "DigiQuatics Welcome" email are sent to the manager that created that employee (not no-reply@digiquatics.com)

  • Unassigned shifts can no longer be published without assigning an employee to them or marking them as open

Employee Management

  • Employees can now be assigned to multiple-locations; any locations assigned to an employee gives them access to see that location data, i.e. open shifts, sub requests, etc...

  • Added the ability to change access and permissions for employees directly from the employee management page

  • Added additional sizing options on employee profiles

Patron Counts

  • Improved the speed of the patron counts analytics page

Sub Requests

  • Added alert message for shift conflicts when approving sub requests

Time Clock

  • Add option to set time after shift ends to clock out to 30 minutes

  • Export now includes time clock notes

Bug Fixes

  • Bug with missing open shifts on the open shifts pending approval page

  • Fixed bug with pending time off requests not showing up on the schedule

  • Fixed text "wrap/overflow" for the schedule building pop-up in shift mode, where employees with several positions and shifts/time offs/availabilities would be cut off in the drop down menu

  • Fixed bug where archived employees would export along with the active/inactive employees via the Excel export

  • Fixed bug where first load of the schedule page did not load in shifts assigned to employees from other locations as well

  • Fixed bug with open shifts pending approval badge showing incorrect number/count on dashboard

  • Fixed bug with counter for time off requests submitted by an inactive employee

  • Fixed bug where you could not individually publish open shifts

  • Fixed bug with incorrect staff members receiving text messages/emails

  • Fixed 500 error for "New Chemical Record" button on dashboard, post-multi-location update

  • Fixed 500 error for "New Slide Inspection" button on dashboard, post-multi-location update

  • Fixed bug with missing employee shifts on copy shifts from previous week option

  • Fixed bug with negative hours calculation on sub request approval pop-up

  • Fixed bug causing the oldest chemical records to show up on the dashboard instead of the most recent ones

  • Fixed bug causing a 500 error when trying to export the maintenance issues for an account

  • Fixed bug preventing some pages from loading correctly on Internet Explorer

  • Fixed bug with importing/exporting users with multi-locations data

  • Fixed bug around partial time off requests, where the date was not being set correctly

General Announcements / Information

  • Implemented new system for welcome emails to ensure deliverability. If any new employees do not receive the "Welcome" email please let us know at team@digiquatics.com

  • Eventually we would like to roll-out a call-in time clock system where staff can input their employee ID to clock in and out. If that sounds interesting to you/your organizations please drop us a line at team@digiquatics.com

Closing Thoughts

We hope you had a good Memorial Day and summer season got off to a great start! As always, please let us know if you need anything at all and how we can continue to improve DigiQuatics to help your organization.


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