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DigiQuatics Updates Jan 14, 2019

Hi Digi-nators! It's been a while since the team released a product updates post, so we wanted to take some time to discuss all the new and exciting improvements and updated features in DigiQuatics.


1. What you have all been waiting for, Custom Forms 🥳

The Custom Forms module is now in beta! We've listened to all of your great feedback and crafted a truly "next level" module. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Custom Fields Types:
    • Checkboxes
    • Numbers
    • Dropdown selects
    • Radio buttons
    • Text
    • Date & Time
    • Section Breaks with "Titles"
    • Required fields
    • Please request more field types as needed and we will try and work with your organization to implement them
  • Access control, i.e. admin / non-admin access to specific forms.
  • Custom field "dropdowns" for employees, locations, and positions, i.e. you can have a select with all employees on staff, locations, etc. This is helpful if you create a lifeguard audit form and need to select the employee from a pre-built list of all the employees under your account! 
  • Form descriptions (Markdown supported, learn more about Markdown here) so you can write instructions with links, bulleted lists, numbered lists, etc. for staff about how to fill out a particular form.
  • File attachments (supporting videos, pictures, documents, etc.)
  • Signatures (with no limit on how many you add, a great example of this is an aquatics incident report with the employee, the witness, and the injured party)
  • Email workflows to automatically send an email to the correct people when a Custom Form is completed. A great use-case of this is a Accidental Fecal Release Form 💩, when the form is completed the supervisor of the facility could get an email automatically!
  • PDF exports (coming soon)
  • Custom Form Templates: quick "one-click" templates for commonly used aquatics forms (coming soon)

You can learn all about the Custom Forms Module here or watch our announcement video.

Additional help and information articles on How to Set Up Custom Forms can be found here.

With Custom Forms, imagine the possibilities of digitizing your entire aquatics (and facility) operation:

  • Accident Report Forms
  • Incident Report Forms
  • MAHC Aquatic Facility Inspection Report
  • Body Fluid Contamination Response Log
  • Accidental Fecal Release (AFR) Response Form
  • Water Rescue Report
  • Mechanical Room / Pump Room Report
  • Lifeguard Safety Audit Form
  • Employee Disciplinary Action Report
  • Lost and Found Report
  • And so many more...

If you'd like to test (or do a trial of) the Custom Forms Module please just drop us a line at team@digiquatics.com, email your sales representative, or send us a message via Intercom chat. We can work with your organization to add Custom Forms to your existing DigiQuatics subscription now or to your next renewal!

2. Dedicated page to manage employee location access! We have also added "drag-n-drop" so you can re-order the priority of each employee's assigned locations. This will tie into our auto-schedule feature in Staff Scheduling as a determining factor for deciding which staff members get assigned which shifts.

3. Total hours for the scheduled "view" has been added to the schedule. Now you can see the sum of hours for all your created shifts in the day, week, or month view of your schedule!

4. You can now save "templates" in the Messaging module. This will come in handy for saving in-service training signup emails, staff meeting announcements, and more!

5. Released updated "Add Employee" page that implements auto-suggestions for email domains, i.e. "@gmail.com", "@yahoo.com", etc. as you type. "Typeaheads" for location and positions allow for fast and easy staff assignments, and improved warning and error messages when an employee's email is assigned to another location (that you do not have access to) or at another organization that uses DigiQuatics. This will prevent confusion on why you can't add employees. As always, reach out via Intercom chat if you have any trouble adding staff to DigiQuatics.

6. Group Lesson report card emails now get sent to both the parent or primary head of household as well as the student or participant (assuming they have an email on their member profile).

7. PDF view / downloads have been released for Completed Checklists.

8. Export Completed Checklists Excel file now includes a cell with all task information.

9. Shift Reports can now be exported to Excel.

10. Added due date to Maintenance Issues. Now you can note when an Issue is expected to be resolved.

11. Added expiration date to Member profiles in Household and Member Management Module. This is helpful for keeping track of expiring memberships!

12. Added notes to Member profiles for additional information tracking.

13. Defaulted Auto-Schedule to "on" for all accounts.

14. Began the first phase of "unsubscribe" links for users in DigiQuatics when they receive emails notifications. This will allow them to follow the link and turn off all notifications or pick and choose which ones they want without needing to log in to DigiQuatics. 

15.  Small changes:

  • Bumped expiration time for downloaded Excel or "PDF" files via email from 1 hour to 24 hours.
  • Added link in Schedule Reporting to each employee's profile.
  • Improved language in group text messaging that indicates which DigiQuatics employee sent out a message and appended “via DigiQuatics” to reduce confusion from staff.
  • Improved language around copying shifts from previous time periods to current view.
  • Added ability to remove profile picture from edit employee profile page. Thanks to: David Hasselhoff david-hasselhoff
  • Removed Intercom widget from public Private Lesson Request Form to prevent patrons from sending messages to DigiQuatics.
  • The dashboard's New Slide Inspection link will now open the new Slide Inspection form and default the location to your highest priority location
  • Added ideal pool temperature field to pools importer / editor table.
  • Template download links added throughout the app to Importer pages, so you can easily use a DigiQuatics Excel Template to add data to DigiQuatics in bulk.

16. Performance Improvements

  • Implemented updates that cause pages to load  1.5-2.0x faster in-app!
  • Increased performance of the database by leveraging higher quality hardware via our cloud-provider's servers.
  • Rolled out updates to employee profile picture uploads to reduce the time it takes to save and upload pictures.

17. General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed decimal precision issue with custom fields for the Chemical Records module. You can now type in long decimal numbers without any issues!
  • Fixed sort order of employees on staff certification tracking Excel exports.
  • Fixed dropdown bug on Group Lesson levels for group lesson report cards.
  • Fixed bug with long private lesson package names not saving correctly.
  • Fixed bug in Messaging module when composing text messages, for the character count not updating correctly.
  • Fixed bug on Employee Management page when searching for full employee name, i.e. "Michael "would search correctly, and "Pierce" would search correctly but not when searching "Michael Pierce" combined.
  • Fixed bug on My Notifications page that sometimes occurred when data from server was loaded in the incorrect order, causing some notification options to not show up.
  • Fixed bug causing Availabilities PDF export to list all employees vs. just primary employees at a given location being exported.
  • Fixed issue with manually typing in dates to Shift Reports filtering options and it not updating the list of Shift Reports correctly.
  • Fixed bug when importing or editing ideal temperature pool information (with decimal numbers).
  • Fixed "Password and password confirmation do not match." error when editing employee profile on some browsers.
  • Fixed bug causing some incorrect Group Lessons to load on My Group Lessons page for instructors.

What's coming soon?

1. We have started development on DigiChat for real-time chat and conversations within DigiQuatics. In the future when we have native mobile apps we will tie this in with push notifications!

2. In-service Tracking module is currently being worked on and is pushing for a Q2 2019 release.

3. Initial planning efforts have begun for bringing the Chemical Records module up-to-speed with the Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC). Customizable fields for chemical records, i.e. the ability to add text fields, checkboxes, etc. for the various additional items you would like to track with your pool logs directly. 

4. Additional planning around risk-management and enterprise-grade security improvements around Personally Identifiable Information (PII).


The year is getting off to a great start for product updates! We cannot wait to continue to release top-tier features and modules to you as we shape the future of aquatics software together!

Have an idea you'd like to see implemented in DigiQuatics sooner than later? Post in our Friends of DigiQuatics Facebook Group or drop a comment below!

We hope you are all off to a great start in the New Year!

~Michael Pierce & The DigiQuatics Team 

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