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Do You Want to Simplify Your Pool's Record-Keeping? DigiQuatics Can Help!

Having worked as a Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor throughout high school and college, I set out determined to simplify the often hectic process of coordinating a pool.

That is why this week, I want to zero in on one very important foundational aspect of every pool supervisor’s job.

The chemical record keeping process is an essential part of any pool management operation, and DigiQuatics is designed to make everything a whole lot easier.

Here’s how.

No More Lost Logs

Tired of dealing with mountains of paper, lost logbooks, and all the other annoying issues that come with chemical record tracking?

With DigiQuatics, you can kiss all those paper records goodbye for good. Even better, the intuitive user-friendly interface is designed to make pool record keeping a breeze. No illegible print, no misinterpreted results, no misunderstandings.

Even better, you can do your part toward reducing the environmental impact of your pool operations.

Multiple Pools? No Problem

Digiquatics is designed to simplify muli-pool management by keeping any chemical tracking information all in one place.

The numbers can be entered via a stationary computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and are always clear and easy to read.

Automatic audit logs mean that accuracy will never be an issue. All modifications are tracked so that you know exactly when an update or edit was made and who did it.

Identify Issues Before They Happen

If something is off, DigiQuatics will automatically notify both the supervisor and employee instantly.

This means that chemical imbalances can be addressed immediately so the pool can be up in running again in no time.

DigiQuatics even tells you exactly what needs to be done to re-balance the PH levels.

Can your paper system do that?

Don’t Sweat the Set Up

Here at DigiQuatics, we want to make the user experience simple. This is why the app comes complete with standard log fields already loaded and ready to go.

Nonetheless, we understand the need to be able to modify these fields as needed. After all, different states have different regulations and compliance standards and every pool is unique.

This is why we have gone out of our way to ensure that chemical form information is a breeze to update either individually or as a whole. Our handy bulk upload feature means that you can have the whole system up and running in just a few minutes time.

Get on the Health Department’s Good Side

Health Department Inspectors love how the DigiQuatics App makes it a breeze to access a complete set of chemical records all in one place.

Not only will the app promote compliance and accountability amongst staff, but it even helps aquatics managers stay in compliance with MAHC guidelines.

With DigiQuatics all-in-one chemical tracking system, random inspections never have to be a source of stress or worry ever again. Enjoy the confidence of knowing that your records are on track and complete all the time.

When it comes to comprehensive pool management, you will not find a better system. The DigiQuatics app is the only one out there that does the job of 16 apps all in one.

So are you ready to join the 29,126 pool managers, lifeguards, and instructors who’ve already made the switch to the DigiQuatics app?

Reach out today and get started with our no-obligation 30-day free trial today.

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