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How DigiQuatics Can Improve Your Pool’s Record Keeping

Managing a swimming pool can be an overwhelming job. There are many tasks you must complete and information you need to process. One aspect that can seem daunting is managing and organizing all records. From chemical records, shift reports, to certification tracking, there are countless files and documents you must have readily available at a moment’s notice.

Enter DigiQuatics. This all-inclusive app provides multiple features to improve your record-keeping and ensure that all documents are safe and accessible. Let’s take a closer look at how DigiQuatics can help you better manage your swimming pool’s reports, files, and other documents.


You don’t have time to waste filling out forms with information that means very little to you. Rather, you should have the data you need and that will be pertinent to your specific swimming pool. One of the benefits of DigiQuatics is its customization capabilities. You can create codes that meet your specific guidelines and with the information you care about. There are also numerous tools to make creating these forms and filling them out simple. For example, you can use features such as checkboxes, dropdown menus, require information for certain fields, etc.


DigiStorage is a favorite feature of this application. This acts as a large digital storage space for all of your files, reports, manuals, etc. that pertain to your pool. You can simply upload all of your files into this one area and it is accessible using any mobile device. Staff members have instant access to information and you can easily share certain files with individuals if needed. Plus, you can upload a variety of file formats, including PDFs, making this extremely versatile and helpful.


It is important that all communication and messages are documented to prevent potential lawsuits or to decrease contention with your staff members. DigiQuatics offers messaging capabilities that allow you to send a text message or an email directly from the app. Once the message is sent, it stored away and easy to find if needed in the future. You can also export all message logs, making it easy to view in various programs and to give to other individuals.

Chemical Level Reports

Ensuring the pool’s chemical levels are normal and in compliance with regulations is a stressful job. Then, keeping track of all readings and reports shouldn’t cause even more worry. This app allows you to provide full chemical reports. You can fill out a simple form or create a customized report with all information you need. This means that when the health inspector walks in, you can pull up full reports without any gaps. Plus, if there are any questions about certain reports, you can see exactly who submitted the reports and when. You can also see if another individual made any changes to the form since its original submission.

Staying compliant, having information readily available, and being organized are all simple with DigiQuatics advanced reporting capabilities. Visit our website to learn how to get set up today.

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