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How DigiQuatics Makes it Easy to Schedule and Coordinate Swimming Lessons

The DigiQuatics App is a powerful online platform that is designed to do the job of twelve apps all in one.

Today, I want to take a little time to get into just one of those functions. I want to talk about swimming lesson coordination.

Swimming lessons can be one of the most difficult aspects for pool managers to juggle.

With multiple requests coming in via multiple mediums, and different staff handling different requests at different times, it can sometimes feel like an impossible task to keep everybody on the same page.

The DigiQuatics App is here to change that.

Here’s how.

A Private Lesson Portal to Make Your Life Easier

The DigiQuatics private lesson portal is designed to make coordinating private lessons foolproof.

Our app makes it easy to set up a public page. Community members can visit this page and read up at their leisure. When they are ready to sign up, they submit a simple online form.

This means that all the requests end up in the same place.

No more missed phone calls. No more email mix-ups. No more dropped lines of communication.

Once students sign up, you have the power to assign lessons to instructors or let them claim their own from the cue. Instructors can add notes on each account at their leisure.

Intuitive private lesson coordination is just one of the ways that DigiQuatics helps simplify the pool management process.

Make the Page Your Own

We make it easy to make your private lesson portal reflect your unique brand identity.

You can add a logo. You can also talk about your own training, skill level, and qualifications.

Get creative. Make this page your own.

Include Important Information

Tired of having to repeat the same basic speeches over and over via telephone and email?

Our customizable features allow you to include all relevant information on the private lesson portal landing page.

Even better, you can organize separate modules and packages, and then seamlessly process payments through an online portal.

It really is that easy.

Make Sure All Your Eggs Are in One Basket With Advanced Group Lesson Scheduling Capabilities

With DigiQuatics, it couldn’t be more simple to get an integrated public lesson coordination system up and running.

Effortless Progress Monitoring

Attendance lists and skill progress is all already at the instructor's fingertips. All they have to do is click to check off the items.

This means more time spent teaching and less time spent writing and filling out tedious paper forms.

No More Lost Report Cards

DigiQuatics allows instructors to email report cards directly to the parents.

Just like that, lost report cards become a thing of the past.

So what’s the bottom line?

You can say goodbye to that tangled mess of binders, notebooks and Excel sheets and written records.

DigiQuatics is going to help you take your swimming lesson scheduling capabilities to the next level with an intuitive online interface that brings the needs of students, instructors and managers together all on one intuitive online portal.

Want to find out first hand just how easy DigiQuatics is to use? Come check out our site today to set up your free trial account and get started.

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