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How to Improve Your Hiring Process

For your swimming pool to run effectively, it begins with your staff. When you have staff members that you can rely on, trust, possess a strong work ethic, and are fun to be around, your pool will achieve success. However, finding these employees can be a challenge. Here are four ways that you can improve your hiring process and increase your employee retention rates. 

1. Market The Job Posting 

Where you post and promote the job position will make all the difference. You want to list open job positions in places where a wide candidate pool will see it. While job boards should be a priority, think outside of the box. Market at your local high school or college. If you have many open positions, consider radio ads or setting up a booth at a local job fair. Social media is also one of the most powerful tools you have for reaching a wide audience. Not only should you post on your swimming pool’s social media channels, but ask community partners to share or create a giveaway for all followers who share your post. 

2. Don’t Just Focus on Experience

While experience is certainly beneficial in new employees, it shouldn’t be your only requirement. There are many qualities that can make the ideal employee. For example, if they have a warm and friendly personality, they may be the perfect addition to your front desk staff and when working directly with all of your guests. If you wish to hire younger individuals with little work experience, take a look at their extra-curricular activities, volunteer experience, etc. These things will give you an idea of how hard the individual works. 

3. Build Your Pool’s Reputation

If your company has a strong reputation for being good to its employees, having a fun work environment, and being an honest and trustworthy company, individuals will want to work with you. Your current employees are less likely to search for a new job and they will talk about their experience with others. It is also wise to become involved in the community. Sponsor events, host community parties, etc. These activities will not only improve your hiring process but your overall business as well. 

4. Be Organized

Organization is critical in pool and employee management. Not only will you have standard paperwork that must be completed and stored for your employees, but for lifeguard and safety certifications as well. When you are organized throughout the hiring process, you are less likely to lose paperwork, you can store resumes of potential candidates, etc. 

Applications like DigiQuatics make this organization possible. Modules such as DigiStorage allow you to store resumes and other paperwork. You can create custom forms for applicants to fill out, etc. Then, once an individual has been hired, you can use modules such as certification tracking and employee management tools to improve your risk management and ensure no details fall through the cracks. 

Your hiring process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. When you take your time and utilize resources like DigiQuatics, you will notice a difference. 

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