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How to Strengthen Communication with Staff as an Aquatic Supervisor

Even as a competent and driven aquatic supervisor, you know that your staff's accountability counts for everything when it comes to making a fully productive workplace possible.

The need for high-quality communication between supervisor and staff is no less in an aquatic establishment than any other place of business.

The upcoming season will mark the busiest season of the year, so every bit of effort that you spend on optimizing communication quality with your team counts!

If you want to maximize the strength of your communication with staff members, you'll definitely want to keep the following tips in mind this season.

Share Updates Proactively

Nothing kills communication quality quicker than delayed briefings.

Even if you don't necessarily have to inform all parties of important imminent changes the moment that you catch wind of them, you can only do good by making sure that everybody's on the same page as promptly as possible.

The sooner you give everybody a proper heads up, the better off the entire team will be in both the short term and long run.

Establish Strong Process Expectations

The most successfully cooperative teams of staff members are those whose work ethic is built on a foundation of strongly outlined expectations for the process.

As the supervisor, you're in the position to set the pace for exactly what needs to be done, how and when; however, there's more to it than just saying it once.

Stay on the lookout for any gaps in communication that could indicate a need to reiterate or simplify the process for important procedures.

Use Mindful Positive Reinforcement

Communication lapses aren't always the direct result of incompetence.

Sometimes, one of the biggest culprits for poor communication is a failure to indicate when things have been done right.

There's a great deal of value to be gained out of making sure that you compliment staff members on carrying out a task properly in a way that shows you're paying close attention.

It's a subtle communication component, but done well enough, it can be one of the most powerful productivity-encouraging tools in your arsenal.

Calibrate for Different Communication Styles

Just as different people are best-suited to different forms of learning, different staff members are going to be more or less receptive to different forms of communication.

As you get a feel for what ways that your staff members respond to certain manners of instruction, you'll want to calibrate to make sure that each of them is getting information transmitted in the way that's clearest for them.

Between in-person chats, phone calls, and emails, you'll want to keep a balance of communication across all channels while taking note of what works best with which people.

In Summary

Strong staff communication quality isn't just something that you do once.

Much like physical training for muscles in the body, improving communication quality strength is an ongoing process of learning, adapting and updating to continually maintain it.

If you can consciously and consistently apply the above principles of communication, you'll be able to reach a very rare and powerful level of efficiency with a much more effective and well-informed team.

To learn more ways that you can improve your overall efficiency as an aquatic supervisor, contact us today.

We pride ourselves on providing a product that helps streamline all staff communication components so that you can thrive in the busiest season of the year.

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