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In-Depth Automation with DigiQuatics

Working as an aquatic center manager means that you handle a wide range of processes and activities every day.

From making sure that you have just the right number of employees on shift to tracking pool chemicals to keeping certifications up to date, the work never ends.

Juggling these responsibilities can be overwhelming on a day-to-day basis...

But what if you had a chance to streamline your routine with the help of software that integrates many tasks related to managing commercial swimming pools?

DigiQuatics is designed to automate many of these routine tasks, reducing paperwork and saving you time and money.

Here are 10 ways that the DigiQuatics app uses automation to make your daily routine smoother and easier.

1. Scheduling Made Easy

Manually updating employee schedules can be a never-ending hassle.

DigiQuatics takes the hassle away by automatically integrating updates into your staff's schedule, including staff member availability and sign-ups for open shifts.

You also receive alerts for time-off and sub requests and can send approvals with the click of a button.

What's more, DigiQuatics' Auto-Schedule helps you make the best use of scheduling by balancing availability and preferred hours fairly among your employees.

2. Communicate with Staff Effectively

Are your employees more responsive to receiving texts rather than email?

DigiQuatics messaging allows you to text or email individuals or automatically designated groups in your organization, while keeping your communications secure.

Attach documents to messages as needed and save templates for common messages.

3. No More Worries about Chemical Records

DigiQuatics' digital logs for pool chemical records simplifies compliance to health department standards.

Another plus is that audit reports are automatically updated so that you have a digital trail to track any changes made.

The app also instantly alerts you if a chemical level is outside range.

4. Stay Up-to-Date on Certification Tracking

Automatic certification tracking by DigiQuatics boosts your risk management.

The app tracks which certifications are expired, near expiration, or in the "safe" zone for expiration.

It emails supervisors and their employees when their certifications near expiration so they can enroll in a re-certification class.

5. Do Away with Employee Time Cards

You can easily enter multiple job titles, codes, and salaries and DigiQuatics' Time Clock module will handle the rest.

DigiQuatics alerts you when an employee doesn't clock in, so you can follow up and make sure that your facility is staffed when you need it to be.

6. Be Current on Shift Reports

Using DigiQuatics, your employees can send shift reports from their mobile phone, laptop or PC.

Even better, shift report notifications are sent to you instantly via e-mail or text.

Searching for past shift reports has become easier thanks to DigiQuatics' automatic tagging feature that indexes topics for rapid search and filtering.

7. Optimize Your Facility's Use through Better Patron Counts

DigiQuatics give you visibility into when your pool is the most--or the least--busy.

You can upload your patron count spreadsheets in the software so that you can analyze trends and usage.

Employees can load patron counts for a whole day into the system, making the process easy and straightforward.

8. Ace Your Record-Keeping Tasks with Custom Forms and Checklists

Uncomplicate your documentation process and reduce liability at the same time.

Create checklists and forms that work for you, whether they are facility-specific or are compliance-related.

Receive remote updates when checklist tasks are completed or forms are completed.

9. Get the Jump on Facility Issues

Everyone on your staff can report issues from mobile phone, tablet, or PC on the app.

Track the information that matters and use the power of intelligent issue notification to set priorities on issue severity.

10. Become a Slide Inspection Guru

DigiQuatics customizes your slide inspection form based on your state's guidelines.

You can submit maintenance issues by mobile phone and the app maintains a historical log of all pool and facility maintenance issues, so that you have an audit trail.

Additionally, email and text notifications let you know when the next slide inspection is due.

By now you can see the positive impact that the DigiQuatics app can have on your routine.

The app is packed with even more features that help you with the day-to-day business of managing your aquatic center.

Want to learn more? Check out DigiQuatics today!

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