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January 2017 Product Updates

We're off to a good start in 2017! Our goal this year is to standardize and develop better practices around the product, hence we created the product roadmap. We created the product roadmap by listening to all of the feedback you (our valued prospects and customers) have provided us with, and quantifying it in one place. Yesterday we ran our first DigiQuatics Think Tank, a online conference call / screen share we ran to gather feedback on new features, share live demos of nearly released features, and gather ideas and feedback around mockups of features coming down the pipeline. You can read the notes for the first session on Google Drive. If you're interested in participating in the next one, send us an email at team@digiquatics.com.


  • Prepping the app to run in native Android and iOS containers

Employee Management

  • Importing employees from Excel files now supports multiple positions (list each position with a comma between them to do this)
  • Improvements and safeguards have been added to the import process to prevent bad data or errors and ensure a more stable experience

Time Clocks

  • We changed the select options for manual time clocks to allow for earlier and later times
  • Added an "End Date" field for manual time clock entries, so you can now have different dates for start and end on a single time clock record

Custom Checklists

  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused a new checklist template full of tasks from saving properly
  • Checklists tasks can now be deleted from the checklist template
  • Ordering options have been added for checklists
  • Ordering options have been added for checklist tasks
  • If notes were added to the completed checklist they are now visible on the completed checklist index (these will show up as a small notes / speech bubble icon)

Certifications Module

  • Export option now is formatted Excel ".XLSX"

Private Lessons

  • Fixed bugs around failed private lesson submissions that caused non-normal web page formatting on the redirect

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