Our 4 resolutions for 2018!

Happy New Year! We're celebrating the start of 2018 by resolving to make it the "Year of YOU." Every resolution on our list will make your DigiQuatics experience even easier and more fun for your organization.

1. Speed

Our goal is to improve the speed of key pages in the app by 50% or more this year. DigiQuatics has been moving up-stream to larger and larger organizations in 2017, including The City and County of Denver, Colorado. With this, comes greater and more demanding loads to the app. We are hard at work to ensure every organizations sees a faster and more responsive app as we continue to grow.

2. Mobile App

We plan on releasing our first Android and iOS app this summer. The first version will include the main functionality needed by employees, and as 2018/2019 progresses we will have a full-flown mobile app capable everything in the web-based version.

3. "Smart" Features

Leveraging modern machine learning services such as Amazon and Google, we will enrich DigiQuatics to be smarter than ever before and offer cutting-edge technology to empower your organization with technology. Some of this will include indexing of hand-written reports uploaded to DigiQuatics, prediction of patron volume using historical data, and pool chemistry predictions using modern machine learning tools.

4. Product Roadmap

Our team is going to dominate the 2018 Product Roadmap. We have heard you and your organization's feedback and concentrated them into a concrete vision for 2018. Check out the Product Roadmap here. Of course, if we missed something, drop a comment to this blog post and let us know how we can help your operation in 2018.

Happy New Year from DigiQuatics – we've got a feeling 2018 is going to be our year!


Josh, Michael, and the DigiQuatics Team


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