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What Chemicals Do: Cyanuric Acid, Ozone, UV light, and CO2

Our fourth and final installment of important pool chemicals will be focused on one chemical that only applies to certain pools, and a few alternative methods


DigiQuatics Update: April 2017 Edition


Things are heating up (no pun intended) for summer 2017. Check out all of the updates and news for last month.

We will address the


What Chemicals Do: Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness

Our third installment of important pool chemicals focuses on the two main supporting chemicals that are necessary for every pool operation. They aren’t the two


What Chemicals Do: pH

The information that follows is a continuation of our series on necessary pool chemistry that aquatics operators need to know. In the last post we covered


7 Ways to Leverage Mobile Technology in Aquatics

Research has shown that using mobile technology is a great way to improve efficiency and effectiveness in organizations. This article provides seven suggestions around how to

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