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The All-In-One App for Aquatics.

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How DigiQuatics Makes it Easy to Schedule and Coordinate Swimming Lessons

The DigiQuatics App is a powerful online platform that is designed to do the job of twelve apps all in one.


Five Features of the DigiQuatics App that will Keep you From Sinking in the Deep End

Summer is here, and this can only mean one thing.


In-Depth Automation with DigiQuatics

Working as an aquatic center manager means that you handle a wide range of processes and activities every day.


How can DigiQuatics Streamline your Swimming Pool's Business?

We understand that managing all of the day to day operations of a pool is tough work, but it doesn’t have to be.


How to Strengthen Communication with Staff as an Aquatic Supervisor

Even as a competent and driven aquatic supervisor, you know that your staff's accountability counts for everything when it comes to making a fully productive workplace possible.

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