Product Updates November 11th, 2016

At DigiQuatics we are always excited to continue making updates and implementing improvements for you. Take a look at what's new this week:

General App

  • Multi-positions is now released! You can now assign multiple positions to employees! You can read all about the multiple positions update here.

  • Positions can now be deleted. This can be done from your Organization's Settings page.

  • General user interface improvements and clarity on action buttons

  • Links to configure modules before you can use them

  • Improved usability of Admin Settings page. Switching between adding Positions, or updating settings could never be easier with smart redirects and tabs that open where you last were.

Employee Module

  • Export to spreadsheet option added. You can export employees by Location, Position, etc. E.g. All Locations, City Recreation Center, Lifeguard, Instructor, etc.

Maintenance Tracking Module

  • Export to spreadsheet option added

Slide Inspections Module

  • Export to spreadsheet option added

Certifications Module

  • Export to spreadsheet option added

  • Certification Expiration Notifications are here! Admins will now receive a monthly summary email for all employee certification expiring in 90 days or that have expired. Also, employees will get they own email notification when their certification is 60 days, 30 days, and expired. Any notifications can be turned off on the My Notifications page.


Product Updates Summary November 2016


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