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Six Simple Ways to Boost Staff Retention

Staff retention is one of the most difficult aspects of managing seasonal jobs…

Lifeguarding and swim instruction positions are no exception.

But fear not!

There are simple ways to improve this metric.

Below, I've listed six simple (and surprising) ways to help boost staff retention at your pool.

1. Hire With the Long Term in Mind

One excellent way to keep staff is by being selective from the beginning.

Is this person purely a one season employee? What kind of experience do they have? Do they have a passion for the job and want to move up in the industry?

These are just a few questions to consider at the outset of your hiring process.

Hiring an all-American swimmer as a lifeguard or manager is probably a better bet than someone who says "I like the beach."

2. Pay

It is a sensitive subject, but pay is a large part of why employees leave.

Not everyone can be paid at the highest level, but a fair income is a must for most employees.

Remember, they are not just a lifeguard, they have lives and families outside of work that cost them money.

3. Flexible Work Schedule

I know you're thinking, "what if my employees take advantage of a flexible work schedule?

Relax, in my experience, this perk is more about giving employees the peace of mind to call out when life happens rather than giving them an excuse to play hooky.

Life is unpredictable.

This type of schedule gives your employees a little bit of leeway when it comes to unexpected events that affect their work schedule.

You'll know who is taking advantage of this and who isn't, but your employees should never be scared to call in sick when they are.

4. A Comfortable Work Environment

One of the easiest things to do is create a comfortable work environment for your employees.

Now, you don't need to provide them with extravagant snacks and long breaks, but listening to your employees is a large part.

For example, female lifeguards may be uncomfortable around certain male counterparts and vice versa.

Give consideration to every complaint and every piece of feedback.

5. Recognize Good Work

This doesn't always have to be a promotion or a pay raise.

A simple thank you card or verbal recognition can do wonders to boost staff mentality.

It's universally accepted that it feels good to be recognized for hard work.

Additionally, you'll have laid the seeds for trust and loyalty.

6. Let Them Know How to Advance

Your employees should understand what the road map to success looks like.

If you want your lifeguards to stick around, they should know that there is a chance for advancement at the pool.

Without motivation and potential for advancement, it's more than likely that your employees will pursue other opportunities.

An awesome way to get started on these steps to employee retention is by using the DigiQuatics app.

This app will help you by taking away office distractions like paperwork and scheduling and help you focus more on your employees and what's happening at your pool.

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