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DigiQuatics Updates Jan 14, 2019

Hi Digi-nators! It's been a while since the team released a product updates post, so we wanted to take some time to discuss all the new and exciting improvements and updated features in


Custom Checklists in Aquatics: The Digital Way

Are you tired of the endless binders of paperwork in aquatics and parks and recreation? Are your checklists either done without documentation, or better, but not


January 2017 Product Updates

We're off to a good start in 2017! Our goal this year is to standardize and develop better practices around the product, hence we created the


Preventive Maintenance Tactics

In a pool environment, just like any environment, things break. Maybe even more so due to the humid, chemical saturated air and typically high use. It’


December 2016 Product Updates

As we get ready for summer 2017 improving DigiQuatics is our top priority. Below are the updates that were completed this month and some ideas we would like to get feedback on for next month

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