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In-Depth Automation with DigiQuatics

Working as an aquatic center manager means that you handle a wide range of processes and activities every day.


Auto-Notify When Publishing Your Staff Schedule

The holidays are here and things in the world might be slowing down a little, but not at DigiQuatics! Our development team has been working harder than ever deploying improvements to the app based


What Chemicals Do: Chlorine

One of the largest areas of expertise required of an aquatics professional is pool chemistry knowledge. But what do you do if you don’t have


Custom Checklists in Aquatics: The Digital Way

Are you tired of the endless binders of paperwork in aquatics and parks and recreation? Are your checklists either done without documentation, or better, but not


How to do Summer Letters in 1/4 the Time

It’s January. Summer is five months away and we are already starting planning for aquatics summer staffing and programming as it snows outside. It seems

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