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DigiQuatics Updates Jan 14, 2019

Hi Digi-nators! It's been a while since the team released a product updates post, so we wanted to take some time to discuss all the new and exciting improvements and updated features in


11 Creative In-Service Ideas to Keep Your Lifeguards Engaged

Maybe you’ve been running in-services for a while, or maybe you’ve only just started after you read our Effective Lifeguard In-Service Trainings Post and


How to do Summer Letters in 1/4 the Time

It’s January. Summer is five months away and we are already starting planning for aquatics summer staffing and programming as it snows outside. It seems


Managing Young Lifeguards

In the aquatics industry it’s a reality that the majority of the staff you employ are probably under the age of 30. More than likely


6 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards

Previously we posted about New Strategies to Recruit Lifeguards, but there are more than just those strategies to effectively recruit lifeguards! Here are some alternative strategies

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