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How to Improve Your Hiring Process

For your swimming pool to run effectively, it begins with your staff. When you have staff members that you can rely on, trust, possess a strong work ethic, and are fun to be around, your pool will


How can DigiQuatics Streamline your Swimming Pool's Business?

We understand that managing all of the day to day operations of a pool is tough work, but it doesn’t have to be.


Recruiting Certified Swim Lessons Instructors

Has your swimming lessons program been having issues? While there can be many causes for a group (or even private) lesson program to be struggling, none


6 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards

Previously we posted about New Strategies to Recruit Lifeguards, but there are more than just those strategies to effectively recruit lifeguards! Here are some alternative strategies


[Infographic] 10 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards

Have problems recruiting lifeguards? We have written two blog posts on strategies to effectively recruit lifeguards. 4 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards and 6 Strategies to

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