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5 Ways to Use Email Messaging in DigiQuatics

There are many features in DigiQuatics that are perfectly designed for the one thing they’re supposed to do. Slide Inspections, Chemical Records, and similar modules are all very straightforward


6 Strategies for Staff Retention

After hours of training, interviews, and implementing a number of new Strategies for Lifeguard Recruitment, and then a few more for good measure, you’re fully


6 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards

Previously we posted about New Strategies to Recruit Lifeguards, but there are more than just those strategies to effectively recruit lifeguards! Here are some alternative strategies


[Infographic] 10 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards

Have problems recruiting lifeguards? We have written two blog posts on strategies to effectively recruit lifeguards. 4 Strategies to Effectively Recruit Lifeguards and 6 Strategies to

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