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Pool Cleaning and Vacuuming

Every pool gets dirty, whether it’s from patrons tracking dirt indoors, or with an outdoor pool, from mother nature, it’s an inevitability. Whatever the


The Importance of Maintenance Procedures

New lifeguards may think of cleaning or maintenance as nothing more than busywork to get the most out of the money we spend on staff. However


Filtration Systems and Backwashing

One of the most important ways we keep our pools clean is by filtering out debris and other larger particulate matter. There are two systems commercially


Intro to Pool Pumps And Troubleshooting

Having wrapped up many of the numerous chemicals we utilize everyday in the aquatic professionals average day, it’s time we take a closer look at


What Chemicals Do: Cyanuric Acid, Ozone, UV light, and CO2

Our fourth and final installment of important pool chemicals will be focused on one chemical that only applies to certain pools, and a few alternative methods

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