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Updates April 2018

Can you believe summer is right around the corner? We can't either, but that's why the development team has been so busy lately at DigiQuatics to get so many great things in place just in time for summer!

Speaking of summer, if you want some sweet DigiQuatics swag to rock at your pool as the weather gets nice, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram (@digiquaticsapp) for details on how to get free merch! 

Here's the good word on what's happening at DigiQuatics since our last post:

  1. Added time zone options for global support. "Digi" is now being used by aquatics organizations in four countries!
  2. Desired hours is now a field that employees can edit on their user profile. This will now show up in the hours calculator as you schedule your staff. For example (4.25 / 20 / 40) means 4.25 currently scheduled out of 20 desired, with a max of 40 hours weekly. 4.25 / 40 would indicate 4.25 currently scheduled with a max of 40 hours weekly, desired hours is not entered.
  3. You can now save and load weekly shift templates! Yes, you read that right, SHIFT TEMPLATES ARE HERE! Simply save the current view in weekly shift mode with a name and description so you can quickly load it again to whichever week in the future. Shifts will be saved exactly as seen in the view, assigned, unassigned, published, etc to give you maximum flexibility. P.S. if you want to create an empty version of your template and a staffed version, feel free! Watch a quick tutorial video here
  4. Group Lessons is now available for BETA! Message us in Intercom to have us enable the module for you. Here's your chance to take report cards to the next level by going digital! And, you can even email them to the primary household members!
  5. Unpublished shifts are no longer grey in color but a "dimmed" version of their custom color code. The text on the shift still says "UNPUBLISHED" and when you hover over the shift with your mouse it will change to the full color to help indicate it is still unpublished. Now you can more easily view your schedule when building it!
  6. Cleaned up user interface on Employees page to provide better load time and filtering options by location, position, and searching by any user information (i.e. first name, last name, email, phone). Positions are not listed and color coded on the Employees page for improved user interface. You can even see by hovering over the "person icon" when the employee last logged into DigiQuatics.
  7. Maintenance Issue access now defaults to "off" when creating a new employee to be consistent with other module access by default. 
  8. Fixed "flagged" Time Clock filter on Time Clocks page.
  9. Improved user interface / user experience when sending messages from Messaging page. Now an alert message indicates "Sending your message..." and then "Message sent" once complete. 
  10. Time Clocks export now includes the export start date and export end date range at the top of the sheet. This is helpful if you are exporting by pay periods, these dates will match the start and end date of your pay period for payroll purposes. 
  11. Fixed messages sending to primary and non-primary locations. You now have multiple options for sending either / or both when selecting groups of message recipients. 
  12. Fixed bug when importing employees with primary and non-primary locations when only one primary location existed.
  13. Added toggle to include or exclude signature lines for employee and supervisor (included by default) on Time Clocks. Check this out the account settings tab under Time Clocks.
  14. Time Clocks export by last name A-Z now.
  15. Added pagination on Certifications page for quick load time when lots of certifications are stored and for simplicity of filtering.
  16. Patron Count Zones are updated if the date and time stamp is changed on the form. For example, if you only have aqua aerobics on Monday, but you try entering the patron count on a Tuesday, the aqua aerobics zone will not be visible until you change the date back to Monday and then you can enter it properly.
  17. Changed user interface to "card style" for Open Issues on mobile device.
  18. Chemical Records now supports up to 12 custom fields, customizable for each pool.
  19. Non-admins can now edit patron counts and chemical records, with audit history logging of all changes of course!
  20. Time Clocks now includes automatic calculations for over-time! You can toggle this on by going to your account settings under the Time Clock section. All hours over 40 hours in a calendar week (according to your settings) will be calculated in a separate over-time category for easier payroll!
  21. Fixed slow page load on DigiStorage for lots of files stored!
  22. Sub Requests now only send notifications to people who have that shift's position assigned to their profile. For example, Lifeguard shift sub requests will only be sent to employees with the Lifeguard position on their profile. No more annoying notifications!
  23. Added photo upload capability to each member in the Household & Member Management module (new!)
  24. Changed priority for email and text notifications to be sent immediately from our background queue. 
  25. New Patron Count form now defaults location to the employee's primary location (or first by order for non-primary).
  26. Added "notes" field to pools to be able to enter information like lock box codes, chemicals used, etc. 
  27. Improved pool chemistry recommendations by pool type. Now you can specify a pool as an Indoor or Outdoor pool or spa so the ideal ranges and chemistry recommendations change based on what type of pool you have specified.
  28. Fixed changing week in My Schedule wasn't updating hours calculation properly.
  29. If enabled (check the settings, under Locations, Pools, & Slides and then look for the Weather Analytics option), submitting a new chemical record or patron count will now pull local weather into the DigiQuatics database. We aren't using this data yet, but the goal is to provide advanced analytics and trending of pool chemistry and patron usage with local weather conditions and forecasts.

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