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December 2016 Product Updates

As we get ready for summer 2017 improving DigiQuatics is our top priority. Below are the updates that were completed this month and some ideas we would like to get feedback on for next month .

Staff Scheduling Module

  • Day view has been released! You can now view the "daily" schedule for both employee and shift build modes
  • Redesigned layout on mobile view for staff schedule
  • Improved speed significantly on mobile view for staff schedule
  • Fixed bug around time of shift displaying incorrectly on mobile view when switching between modes and days
  • Changed language slightly for sub requests to make it more clear what "stage" a sub request is in, i.e. "Pending", "Approved", etc.

Chemical Records Module

  • DigiQuatics now automatically calculates the amount of each chemical you need to add to balance your pool chemistry, read our blog post on automatic chemistry recommendations in DigiQuatics
  • To further improve risk management we added a "history" feature to chemical records. To view any updates or changes to a particular chemical record simply go to the record you want to look into and click the "history" button

Employee Module

  • "Last Seen" information can be found under each employees position list on the employee list page. This shows the last time they logged in or had activity in DigiQuatics
  • You can now resend DigiQuatics welcome email / text messages to employees
  • Date of Hire select box now shows current year + 1 year in the cases you are hiring people near the end of the current year
  • You can now "delete" employees in DigiQuatics. Only super admins have this ability. The option to delete employees will appear in their profile. When you delete an employee you can optionally write in a reason for the removal of the employee and it will automatically record the date

Private Lesson Module

  • Semi-private lessons, you can now add multiple participants to each private lesson request
  • Changed language from parent / child to primary contact / participant
  • Improved user interface and design

Time Clock Module

  • You can now override the automatically calculated latitude and longitude for each location you use GPS Time Clock In / Out for. To manually drag the location pin to the desired location for employee clock ins and outs navigate to the Settings page and open the Location tab. Next, click the link titled "Location on map not exact?" to bring up the override page, then simply drag the pin to the exact location you need and click the "Update" button
  • Slightly increase clock in and out radius to accommodate non-wifi geolocation lookups via mobile devices
  • My Time Clocks page now displays the daily total hours for each day

Attendance Records Module

  • Renamed to "Patron Counts"
  • Attendance Record Areas has been renamed to "Zones"

Checklist Module

  • Checklists can now be configured to only show up on specified days of the week


  • You can now add a "priority" to each position in the settings page. This will set the sort order for positions throughout DigiQuatics. This is part of the groundwork needed for "auto-scheduling", which we plan to roll out by the end of 2017


  • Performance improvements
  • Updated pricing model for new organizations that sign on with DigiQuatics
  • Prepping app for mobile app rollout next year on iOS and Android
  • There is now an app "Status" page for DigiQuatics. To view the status of the website and check for downtimes visit our new status page
  • A warning message will now appear if employees access the schedule or other time zone dependent pages in the app from another time zone. A great example of this would be if an employee is on vacation and they are outside the organization's time zone
  • Changed checkboxes to toggles for easier way of marking fields as "complete" from mobile devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with printing on employee based mode using position filter (post multiple-position update)
  • Fixed rounding bug where no clocked out shifts would not show sum of hours worked for an employee on the employee Time Clock page

We need you!

The DigiQuatics team is looking for customers willing to partner with us and participate in a monthly webinar to discuss upcoming features and help design and test them. If you are interested in this please email us at team@digiquatics.com.

Some of the upcoming features we need additional feedback on are:

  • Staff Scheduling: Monthly view layout ideas
  • Chemical Records: Alerts when records are not submitted on time, i.e. every hour when the facility is open
  • Time Clock: Design for hour reporting and analytics features

Referral Program

If you love DigiQuatics and want to help us grow so we can continue to provide a quality service to you and expand and improve it, we would love if you referred us to other organizations that could use DigiQuatics! Some of our customers have discussed us in their monthly Parks and Recreation Meeting for Aquatics and handed out fliers. PS We would send you a t-shirt and some DigiQuatics stickers in return :)

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