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Updates March 6, 2018 Edition

Not a long list of updates this week, but a couple key updates you should know about, especially when looking for export or "printed" files in your email!


Updates February 26, 2018 Edition

Summer is right around the corner and the DigiQuatics team has been super busy getting the app ready for the biggest push of the year! We have a new module announcement and are looking for beta


3 Helpful Tips for Text Messaging in DigiQuatics

Last week we looked at the Messaging feature in DigiQuatics. Specifically, the Email Messaging feature, it’s many uses, and how to use it. This week, we’ll be looking at the text messaging side of


Import Your Shifts In These 3 Easy Steps

Getng started with a new software solution can be difficult. At DigiQuatics we understand that and want to make the process as smooth as possible. That is why we built and designed the Shifts


5 Ways to Use Email Messaging in DigiQuatics

There are many features in DigiQuatics that are perfectly designed for the one thing they’re supposed to do. Slide Inspections, Chemical Records, and similar modules are all very straightforward

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