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Year In Review: Looking Back At DigiQuatics in 2016

Every year we like to take a small step back and reflect on what we achieved in 2016. Last year we went from being in 2 states to 14 states as of this month.

2016, as we have hoped for has been a big success. We are still pushing forward full speed ahead but are encouraged by the traction we have achieved. We have more than 700+ active off-season users and endless amounts of data being generated by pools all over the country. All of this, with a small team of 2, a virtual assistant, and a part-time freelance writer.

Our grand vision remains the same: Build the best product for aquatics professionals, save valuable time and reduce paper waste, using our business to inspire change in the aquatics industry to ultimately provide a better patron experience.

In no particular order, here’s some of our big events from 2016:

  • Changed our focus from being just a "product" to becoming a brand
  • Rebranded our website
  • Released our first animated intro video for DigiQuatics
  • More social media focused
  • Started the blog
  • Patron Counts module for tracking pool usage
  • Time Clock module with GPS tracking
  • Custom Checklist module
  • Messaging module with email and text integration
  • "Unassigned" shifts for scheduling
  • Certification email summary / warnings
  • Automated the onboarding process
  • Organization's having the ability to "self-serve" with features such as importing employees and automated messaged and onboarding for employees.
  • Daily view for the schedule
  • Initial groundwork is completed to prepare the app for Android and iOS apps
  • Multiple employee positions
  • Additional customizable fields for chemical records
  • Pool chemical calculator (automatically provides recommendations after chemical records have been submitted)
  • Repeating availabilities and shifts times

Looking forward to 2017, the best is still to come. We are doubling down on making DigiQuatics the best tool for aquatics operations ranging from small seasonal pools to 100+ location pool management companies.

To the lifeguards and pool management staff that use and reply on DigiQuatics everyday, we’re dedicating 2017 to making DigiQuatics the best experience possible, with new features and modules being rolled out constantly, and our plan outlined in the 2017 product roadmap, we are here to stay and become the "standard" in the aquatics industry.

Have a safe and enjoyable New Year!
-Michael and Josh

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