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5 Ways to Use Email Messaging in DigiQuatics

There are many features in DigiQuatics that are perfectly designed for the one thing they’re supposed to do. Slide Inspections, Chemical Records, and similar modules are all very straightforward in that they have one job and they do it perfectly. However, there are other modules in DigiQuatics that are more open-ended and don’t have a single set of functions that they are to be used for. One example of the more open-ended features is the Daily Checklists module in DigiQuatics. Another is the Messaging feature. Both have many different uses, some of them obvious, some of them perhaps less so.

In the next few blog posts we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to use these more open-ended modules in DigiQuatics. You may already be using these modules in some of these alternate uses, but there’s sure to be some "pro tips" in here you’ve never considered.

There are two sides to the Messaging module of DigiQuatics. One is the text messaging feature, the other is the email messaging feature. Today we’ll be talking about the email messaging feature specifically.

Getting to know the Messaging Module

Underneath the “Employees” dropdown menu on your DigiQuatics dashboard, is the option to select “Messaging.” By selecting the “Messaging” item, you are brought to the main messaging page.

Messaging History

On the Messaging page you are shown a list of the messages you have sent out in chronological order (most recent message on top and the oldest ones toward the bottom). 

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 3.43.12 PM.png

This handy record of your communications sent to your employees is a wonderful tool, but if you’re like my organization, Messaging is a feature we use heavily, so sifting through your hundreds or maybe even thousands of messages would take hours. Luckily, there’s a search feature built into the messaging module!

Using the search box you can search for message content that was in the message, such as key terms. But it doesn’t stop there! You can also search the recipients and senders, so if you’re looking for a message that was sent by a specific person, or received by someone specific, just start typing their name in the search box and you should quickly find what you're looking for.

Composing an Email Message

On the Messaging page there is also a button to “COMPOSE” a message. If you press this button a window will pop-up and here is where you can compose your message. If you’re composing an email message, you will be given three boxes, a “To” box, a “Subject” box, and a “Message” box.

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 4.41.44 PM.png

Reminders and tips about composing your messages:

  1. When composing an email, always use the “Subject” line, and make that subject something that is informative of the content within the email.
  2. If you have specific employees you are sending the message to, you can name them specifically, and one by one.
  3. If you’re messaging specific groups of your employees, whether it be by their job title / position or their location, you can differentiate. We often use ours to contact, for example, all our Head Lifeguards at our Indoor Pool. You can even choose multiple groups, too! For example, "All Head Guards at Indoor Pool" & "All Lifeguards at Indoor Pool."
  4. Always read over and check your email for any misspellings, typos, missing content.
  5. Always double-check your recipients.

A special note on messaging:

Messaging, like all things in DigiQuatics, is easy to use, so it can be easy to inundate your staff with messages, especially if you have several supervisors utilizing the feature. Be sure not to over-saturate your staff’s inboxes. If you aren’t careful, your emails may start findind their way to the junk folder!

Make sure to utilize the messaging feature with some thought and if you have multiple emails planned in a week, consider condensing it down to one or two if at all possible!

5 Ways to Use Email Messaging in DigiQuatics

There are many ways to utilize the Messaging module in DigiQuatics. Some of them may be obvious, and others you may have never considered, but all of them can are particularly effective for a few reasons.

Notifying staff via email of anything via email is particularly effective for a number of reasons:

  1. Staff are notified outside of their work space
  2. Staff are given notification on their phones and/or computers
  3. Staff are provided with the details and all necessary information and have access to them outside of work
  4. Staff are made aware of information, even if they don’t read signs and materials at work

Those are just some of the benefits to utilizing the Messaging feature. Now, let’s get into some of the specific uses for emailing your staff.

  1. Email your staff reminders

Some of these may seem obvious but using email messaging to remind staff is one of the best ones, not to mention extremely effective. As an example, let’s say you have a staff meeting coming up that your entire staff needs to be present for. Hanging up signs around your guardroom and employee areas and verbal reminders can only do so much. When they leave work, chances are good they will completely forget about them.


Whether you are reminding your staff of upcoming staff meetings, mandatory trainings, or due dates, DigiQuatics is as easy as could be!

  1. Email your staff opportunities

Have opportunities for advancement, trainings specific to certain groups of your staff, or an opportunity for anyone to become an instructor? Perhaps you are in need of lifeguards? Email your staff information on your referral program! With the information at the tips of their fingers you’re more likely to get responses than if they are just reading about it on your posters in the guardroom!


Whatever your opportunity or target group, sending a message to potential candidates can be as specific or as broad as you like and they’re sure to get the information.

  1. Use email for seasonal preparations

Whether you’re heading into your busy season or transition into your off season, you’ll be needing to communicate with your staff as a whole. One of the most effective ways to utilize the DigiQuatics email feature, is in preparing for staffing your next season.


Since DigiQuatics keeps an up-to-date email address for all your staff members (current and past), it is an excellent way to communicate with all your staff. When heading into a new season you’ll want to see which of your employees will be working, which will be subbing, and which won’t be working at all.

Utilizing the email messaging feature, you can contact your entire staff, past and present and see just who you can count on so you can get the entire process started with no headaches.

  1. Use email for notifying staff of closures 

Things happen at the pool. Even if you do everything you can to prevent them, closures and emergencies can occur. Sometimes it’s weather, sometimes it’s chemical or mechanical issues.


Whatever the reason, when you have to close your facility (early or completely), it’s important to be able to communicate the closure with your staff. With the messaging feature you can notify the few staff members who are scheduled to work, or the entire staff all at once, easily.

  1. Use email to get staff

Closures aren’t the only things that happen at the pool. Emergency staffing issues happen as well, whether we’re talking about staff not showing up or surprise groups of patrons. When you need to get staff in a hurry, contacting your entire staff at once is sure to get you some responses.

Even if it’s not an "emergency" in this day and age, staff shortages are par for the course, but utilizing the email feature to notify staff of Open Shifts that you need filled ahead of time is a great way to increase visibility of those openings, as well as getting them staffed (hopefully) with some responses!


As an added bonus, if you’re contacting your entire staff, you might even convince some staff members who weren’t working at all, to pick up some permanent shifts!

These are just some of the ways to utilize the DigiQuatics email messaging feature. Have you used the module for any other uses? We’d love to hear about it below in the comments!

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