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Five Features of the DigiQuatics App that will Keep you From Sinking in the Deep End

Summer is here, and this can only mean one thing.

Pool managers everywhere are getting bogged down with extra work.

If you are an aquatics supervisor, director, manager or coordinator or a pool supervisor or manager, you are probably bracing yourself for a whirlwind summer.

With all those schedules, records and maintenance issues to juggle, it becomes all too easy for things to feel out of control.

Here’s the thing. As a pool manager, you want to be able to “manage pools, not paper”.

At DigiQuatics, we want to make your life easier so that you can focus on what really matters.

This is why we have created an app that can do it all, all in one place.

Here’s How the DigiQuatics App is Going to Keep You From Going Overboard This Summer


1. Save Time With the Most Comprehensive Staff Management Tools

We have listened to some of our customer’s biggest pain points, and what did they tell us?

They want an app that can deliver all of their staff management needs in one place, rather than just cover some of the basics.

Nobody wants to be switching back and forth between different apps and interfaces.

DigiQuatics goes above and beyond the typical pool staff management tools by offering the features that our clients truly want and need.

This means that all of your staff scheduling and time-keeping needs can all be managed through one straightforward interface.

It’s really that simple.

2. Take Communication to the next level with cutting-edge Messaging technology

One of the biggest issues with staff management is accountability.

Too many pool managers out there struggle to juggle shifts and find last-minute replacements when somebody needs a sub.

So the question we set out to answer is how do we fix this?

The answer we came up with is simple, but requires the right type of all-in-one-tool in order to be executed the right way.

By combining online real-time scheduling capabilities with messaging services, staff managers never have to worry about texting and calling employees one-by-one to get a shift covered again.

All the information that the whole team needs to know is right at their fingertips.

No exceptions, no excuses.

3. Keep Better Records in One Easy to Access Location

Digiquatics makes it easy not only to keep better records but also to have them on hand when you actually need them.

Our app is coordinated with existing industry regulations, and this makes it simple and convenient to make sure records are done right.

Even better, everybody will always know where to find them.

No more confusion.

4. Reduce Your Liability With the Best Risk Management Tools

Our risk management tools give pool and aquatics managers and supervisors the technology they need to reduce the risk of accidents, injury or other types of liability.

Our cutting-edge notification system will keep you up to date so that nothing ever gets swept under the rug.

5. Enjoy the Best Pool Tracking Capabilities

We’ve all been there. We are out enjoying our time off when the phone starts going off. Suddenly there is an issue, and it is unclear who is accountable.

These phone calls, emails, and text messages about pool problems can roll in any time or the day or night, sometimes early in the morning, late at night, on weekends.

DigiQuatics gives staff and managers the ability to coordinate those everyday necessities that a pool needs to function properly all on one intuitive online interface.

This includes:

  • Taking chemical records
  • Daily chores
  • Inspection reports
  • And much more

With DigiQuatics, your staff is going to be accountable for getting their job done right.

Our purpose is simple. We want you to be able to kiss all those binders, notebooks and Excel sheets goodbye for good and say hello to one simple all-in-one interface.

DigiQuatics does the work of 12 apps in one.

Come check out our site to learn more, request a quote or set up your free trial account today.

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