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3 Ways to Improve Communication with Your Aquatic Staff

Communication is critical in the workplace. However, for many companies, it is greatly lacking. Statistics show approximately 57% of employees say they are not given clear directions and 69% of managers say they are not comfortable when communicating with staff. If you want your swimming pool to function properly, clear and consistent communication is essential.

Here are three ways you can improve communication with your aquatic staff.

1. Determine a Main Form of Communication

How do you reach out and talk to your employees? Do you use text messaging, phone calls, emails, etc.? You should determine how you wish to communicate with your aquatic staff and stick to it. This helps your employees know what to expect and where they can find communication from you.

DigiQuatics is one solution to help you communicate with your entire staff. Whether you want to send an email or a text message, you can craft the message within the application and send it to everyone you desire. You can also filter certain individuals from receiving the message and all communication is logged and easily accessible. This ensures that information is documented and if any legal troubles or contention arise, you can provide information almost instantly.

2. Take the Time to Provide Details

Clear and detailed information is critical to the success of your pool. This ensures that certain tasks are completed correctly and all staff members receive specific information. As a manager, you must take the time to give your staff members detailed information about tasks, events, shifts, etc.. This will help employees complete tasks more efficiently and it will make your job a little easier.

One way you can provide these many details to your employees is by using DigiQuatics. By using the scheduling tools within this app, you can not only assign staff members certain shifts but you can provide details about that shift as well. For example, if there is a special event at the pool, your employee needs to complete certain tasks during their shift, etc., you can list them all directly within the application.

3. Hold Regularly One-On-One Meetings

One-on-one meetings not only improve communication with your employees but it lets you provide feedback and praise to keep them engaged and to improve themselves. During these meetings, talk to your staff member. Give them the opportunity to ask you questions, provide feedback, offer suggestions, and relay their concerns. These meetings can be short but they allow you to give all your attention to your employees and truly listen and talk to them.

Consistent, clear, and frequent communication is going to make all the difference for your pool’s operation. It will keep your employees engaged and up-to-date with the latest news, regulation changes, etc. It also helps your employees know what you want and how they should do their job. By implementing the above three tips, you will see a difference in your staff’s communication and the way your pool functions.

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